My Purchase of 2018 Kawasaki Concours
Mac and Danielle were awesome! I don't purchase new vehicles often at all. However they were great people to interact with. Considering Danielle's very busy schedule and knowledge of what financing would fit my purchasing power and Mac's detailed knowledge of the bikes in the showroom, I had complete confidence in my decision making process due to these two outstanding employees of Manassas Honda. They both deserve five stars and serious consideration for future promotions and or salary increases! Many thanks to these two awesome people! Dan Farrell (Employee: Danielle Grimm, Mac Phillips)
Dan Farrell
Victoria Murray
We think these employees are awesome people too. 

From the company's perspective, if we can make a customer's decision making process easy and logical, then we can add a friend to our community of on-road and off-road riders.  As you know, this is a great group to call family. 

Thanks Dan, for your praise of these diligent MHKS people!

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